""Colors Inn Sarajevo – an authentic pearl in the pearl bead of cultural diversity of Sarajevo"

Located at the centre of the city, Colors Inn hotel embodies the charm of Sarajevo in the literal sense. It is situated in Koševo Street, a picturesque part of the city, in the charming building dating back to the Austro-Hungarian period. Using their skills and creativity, young architects managed to maintain the special and specific architectural spirit of the part of the town where the hotel is located, and at the same time enriching it by urban details and colours, making it an authentic oasis of comfort.

Colors Inn Hotel Sarajevo has 37 luxury single and double rooms and a private parking – which is of particular importance, considering that the hotel is located in the epicentre of the urban part of the city. The hotel also has a comfortable and creatively designed restaurant where the guests may enjoy the culinary delights of unspoiled nature, despite being located in the centre of the city.

Although Colors Inn Hotel is only 200 m away from the main road, it exudes in peace because of its cleverly designed architecture. Near the hotel there are BBI Shopping Centre, the city's synonym for a one-stop-shop, banks, institutions and embassies. The urban walking zone begins at the monument of „The Eternal Flame – Vječna vatra“ and it is only a three-minute walk away from the hotel. The Great Park, a legendary green oasis and the city's „lungs“, is at the back of the hotel, and only a few meters away, next to Second secondary school, there is another place to relax, the sumptuous Park of Light – park Svjetlosti.

Part of the city in which the hotel is located is very rich in authentic restaurants, coffee shops, art galleries, theatres. Within a radius of one kilometre, hotel guests can use almost the entire indigenous offer of Sarajevo.

Regardless of whether you visit to Sarajevo is for business or if you are in town for the pure pleasure and vacation, Colors Inn Hotel is an ideal choice and a unique city break hotel that you inevitably must visit if you wish to complete your experience of Sarajevo.  


“Sarajevo - the place where East and West embrace themselves”

A legend says that the destiny of the person who drinks the water at Baščaršija will be forever and inextricably linked to Sarajevo.

There is at least a grain of truth in every tradition, and the real truth is that, if you visit at least once this city, you will always and forever return to it with joy. There are only a few places in the world that will overtake you so quickly by its charm.

Sarajevo is most often called „the crossroads of East and West cultures," but it is still far more than that. Numerous archaeological discoveries prove that this area has been inhabited since Neolithic times and also there are evidences of a significant presence of the Illyrians in this territory. A medieval town Hodidjed was located near today’s Sarajevo. However, the name of the city, derived from the Turkish words Saraj - palace and Ovasi - field, reveals that Sarajevo, in fact, has been founded by the Ottomans. It is believed that Sarajevo was founded in the mid-fifteenth century, as the centre of the Ottoman authorities, by the Turkish regent Isa-Beg Ishakovic.

Even though Sarajevo is a relatively small city in comparison to other European capitals, its name is known better than the names of some of the world's biggest cities. It has a massive spiritual and historical background and a natural look. The undisputed travel guide Lonely Planet ranked Sarajevo as 43rd most beautiful city in the world in its 2006 edition, while in 2009 the guide placed it among the top 10 cities in the world that one inevitably must visit.

"The Golden Valley", as Sarajevo is often referred to, is comfortably situated in the foothills of the Olympic mountains Trebević, Igman, Bjelašnica and Jahorina, which makes it a favourite winter tourism centre. The list of cultural events in Sarajevo is simply too long to be written – it must be experienced. However, several world-famous cultural events could be singled out, such as: the Sarajevo Film Festival, that in 20 years of existence has grown into one of the most important festivals of cinema in Europe; MESS - International Theatre Festival, the most significant and enduringly popular event of its kind in the region, followed by the Sarajevo Jazz Fest - International music festival which is best described by the festival's motto: "The best jazz is where you least expect it." East and West in this city also meet in the cuisine. In less than a half an hour walk you can find authentic Bosnian ašdžinica with indigenous dishes from this part of Europe, picturesque small taverns and luxurious big restaurants. The truth is, in fact, that each of the bars in the town is some kind of cultural event for itself: if you want some live music in a club or if you are more into intimate venues, it is enough just to step outside on the streets of Sarajevo, and you will for sure quickly find something for yourself.

In recent decades, with the rapid development of the city, Sarajevo has become an inevitable meeting point of culture happenings and entertainment for all generations. People of Sarajevo, usually called Sarajlije, are best described by those who have crossed the threshold of this magical town at least once: friendly, direct, open and witty.

Hence, we warmly advise that on your first visit to this city you should find somebody from Sarajevo who will generously share with you all the corners of the city, at first sight hidden, but full of colors, tastes, smells and sounds. Every corner of Sarajevo tells its own story and each of these stories is very easy to fall in love with at first sight.